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Here at Island Dave’s Cocktails, all we think about is making the best margaritas and cocktails. We make all of our cocktail mixes with only the freshest ingredients and in small batches, Island Dave’s Margarita Mix stimulates your taste buds with a precise blend of fresh squeezed (never frozen concentrates) key lime juice sweetened perfectly with a combination of pure cane sugar and local southern honey. It’s finish will surprise your palate with just a hint of secret spices that leaves no bitter or chemical after taste. Gluten free and only 55 calories per serving, Island Dave’s Margarita Mix is about half the calories and sugars of most green “neon” mixes on the market. Island Dave’s is simply the best and freshest margaritas and cocktails you will taste!

In 2010, Island Dave’s was created from a recipe that’s been in the family for years. Determined to get my dream off the ground and out of my kitchen into the marketplace, I would load up the family suburban and head for local area farmers markets and festivals to gauge the public’s desire for an alternative to the ordinary “green neon” mixes with a mixer that was not only organic and all-natural but also tasted great.


Since those early days in our co-op kitchen on St. Helena Island, Island Dave’s has evolved into one of the regions most sought after cocktail mixer. Not only does it make the perfectly balanced margarita without triple sec but will make you the freshest mojitos when paired with white or flavored Rums and fresh mint. And the possibilities are endless with regular and flavored vodkas such as Key Lime Pies, Peach Hairy Navels and Lemonades just to name a few. Yes, Island Dave’s is simply the best and freshest margarita and cocktail mix you will ever taste.

We Ship by the case UPS Ground. Contact Us to Find out More.

11 Replies to “About Island Dave’s Cocktails”

  1. Island Dave was at Total Wine making lots of mixed drinks, and I was so excited and happy about the drinks that I told everyone coming to his stand that it was awesome. One person even asked if I was a paid actress. Ha! Love this!! Mixes with SO MANY THINGS!

  2. Dave has the best mix around.
    we met Dave in Ft. Lauderdale, and he recommended Arrogante Tequila with his Mix.
    Great suggestion, great drink.
    I just need to know where to buy it in Pennsylvania !

    1. Try Sauza 100% blue agave tequila silver w/ Dave’s mix. Add a tad more honey and a dash of Cointreau.
      It is super, SUPER.
      (….. and to think of all the years wasted on Jose Cuervo tequila & their ‘neon green’ mixer.)

  3. Nice meeting you today Dave at Total Wine. Great Mix Thank you
    Still think you need some help. 🙂 Hope it is s great weekend.

  4. I just discovered this mixer in the last 6 months. It tastes like the all natural margaritas you get at the best mexican restaurants. No acid ‘sour mix’ taste…very smooth. It’s delicious! We don’t go through the hassle of making our own from limes and agave any more, this is better, and always consistent.

  5. The service is amazing, the margaritas were fantastically mixed and made. I loved the organization , overall , this business is great

  6. Loving this in our home in Florida, we brought this with us when we were deployed to Europe. (We are a military family.). All our military friends LOVE it. The sad news it was soon consumed. Unfortunately, we can’t ship liquids through APO. Have you considered selling it through the military commissaries or bas exchanges??

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